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About K-LAK (continued)

K-LAK Corporation® is building a “One Stop Shop” for all your business needs

K-LAK Corporation offers background screening and a variety of services in the credit reporting industry. We provide technical services, reports and consulting to a variety of small to large companies as well as government agencies.

Our consulting services can be provided in the form of individual, group, seminar or workshop screening services near any U.S. location.  What makes K-LAK Corporation unique is that we do not retrieve criminal reports from a state repository database, and instead use multiple sources to ensure accuracy of our information.

We have recently expanded offerings beyond background screening and technical services to include construction, construction management and construction equipment rental with operators. 

K-LAK Corporation’s success is based on providing responsive and accurate service and focusing on quality assurance in meeting our customers’ needs.

K-LAK’s mission and goals have been to serve our customers/clients with the highest standard of service.   With our focus on continuous improvement in products and services, we are making K-LAK Corporation a “One Stop Shop” for all your needs.