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About K-LAK

K-LAK Corporation® is a 100% Veteran, Service-Disabled and Woman-owned Company with a new niche as a self-performing construction company.

The firm is currently organized into five operating divisions that provide services to our clients. 

The divisions are:

  • General Contracting and Construction Management
  • Information Services
  • Real Estate Management
  • Technical Services
  • Consulting Services

K-LAK Corporation® launched Construction Management in 2012 to service the federal government and the Commercial Industry

Being a diverse company gives K-LAK Corp. the opportunity to reach out to all sectors of business industry.  Our staff and partners learn firsthand the intricacies of what it entails to get this project done from inception to completion...

We gain knowledge of the steps from renting the trucks needed for the job, getting systems in place to get fueling. We find out about the insurance requirements for the job, hiring qualified and competent personnel, getting bonding, and the negotiation skills needed to make the contract work for both the client and the customer.

Within our newest division, Construction Management, we offer services such as renovation, carpentry, flooring, and painting as well as leasing equipment.