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Information Services

K-LAK Corporation provides many services that make us competitive in the market place. Our goal is to serve our customers/clients with the highest standard of service. Our strategy is to create alliances and quickly form partnerships to improve our products and services. These continued improvements in products and services truly make K-LAK Corporation a "One Stop Shop" for all your employment screening needs.

The unique combination of our data and criminal monitoring. and analytical tools has helped agencies in many ways, including screening potential contractors and employees using our investigated tool through fingerprints or direct court searches to check the results for dissemination to federal government agencies and other industries.

Our Company is an authorized agent and Partner with Experian Information Solutions, Inc. K-LAK and its Partners has access to over 400 million consumers' information and 27 million businesses in the U.S. and globally. This data encompasses a wide variety of information, these unique data assets includes credit demographic, psychographic, firmographic intelligence, public records and credit.

Through our analytical expertise and with our Business Solutions, we not only provide agencies with insight, we also identify, and translate our credit and criminal data into clear and understandable language.

Capabilities Overview
Enhance your knowledge in the leading edge of Background Criminal History Screening and Credit Solution

Quantum Screening Monitoring
  • A high advanced monitoring solution for post-hire employees.  This monitoring system will monitor employee on a monthly base for twelve months to decrease your liability.
  • Quantum Screening alerts the user to new and updated criminal records information as well as changes to the existing records
  • Proactively identify risk which may give rise to negligent retention claims, workplace violence, shrinkage and negative publicity
Mulit-Jurisdictional Criminal History Records
  • Is a powerful, high-speed multi-jurisdictional search of our proprietary databases compiled from multiple sources consisting of court records, incarceration records, prison/inmate records, probation/parole/release information, arrest data, wants and warrants and other proprietary sources
  • More photos including non-traditional sources such as arrest and booking mug shots

Body Guard - Government Watch List Report

  • Is designed to assist users in their compliance efforts with the USA Patriot Act and includes a multitude of databases covering U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists as provided by U.S. and foreign government and international organizations
  • All products in the K-LAK Solution, “Body Guard” uses unique, proprietary similarity and probability scoring methodologies, easily overcoming obstacles such as mis-spelling and punctuation, transposition and outright applicant fraud
Predator Scan - Sex Offender Registry Checks
  • Is a sex offender screening tool designed for employment screening professionals and others needing to verify whether or not their subject may be a registered sex offender
  • Photos including non-traditional sources such as arrest and booking mugs shots
Employment History Verification
  • Our basic reference service verifies standard employment criteria:  Start date, end date, title, salary, reason for leaving etc..
  • On average, we return conclusive results 93% of the time.  By conclusive results we mean an order is either completed with data.
  • All employment checks are conducted under the strict guidelines of the Federal Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA), and K-LAK Corporation is a member of National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS)
Comprehensive Social Security Number Trace
  • Is a powerful investigative tool that may provide information on individuals’ name history, present and past addresses and movement patterns based upon the applicant’s Social Security Number.
  • It establishes an investigative starting point to allow for better management and focus of the overall screening by potentially revealing names and address history not previously disclosed by the applicant under which additional history may exist
Employment Insight Credit Reports
  • Experian Credit Data has unparalleled dept of information with a large demographic  that identifies the name, address, payment history, public record of a civil nature (liens, judgments and bankruptcies)
Identity management and fraud detection
  • Identity proofing, risk-based authentication and credentialing
  • Fraud identification in government-sponsored and government eligibility programs
  • Data breach resolution, including credit monitoring services
Information and analytics
  • Consumer and business credit and market trends and attributes from the national to local level
  • Portfolio monitoring and analyses, including benchmarking, loss forecasting and stress testing
  • Custom business intelligence and analytics engagements