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Products & Services

K-LAK Corporation provides an inventory of products and services to clients for the purpose of screening employees and assuring accuracy of credit records. Each service type is defined in detail below.

County Services
County criminal reports identify felonies and misdemeanors for individuals being searched. The information is obtained in person at both superior and common plea courts.

County Criminal Reports include:

  • incarceration records
  • convictions and arrests
  • warrants
  • pending cases maintained by the court

If an individual has been charged with a felony and the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, the reduced charge will be reported.

Additionally, misdemeanor records indexed in a felony search or housed in the same court will be provided at no additional charge.

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Statewide Search
Statewide Search reports provide criminal information on the state level, within the estate requested.

Process may vary among states, notably:

  • Some states do not require special forms
  • Certain states do require special forms and fingerprints to do a state search
  • Some states may not be available for information searches

Our Employment Screening specialist will assist you with any questions. The turnaround time for state criminal searches are from 2-8 weeks from the time requested and the return times can vary by state.

Contact a K-LAK Corporation representative about specific states.

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Federal Nationwide Search
Federal Nationwide Search reports will provide information on individual cases filed in the United States District Courts nationwide.

These cases are crimes that are committed on a federal level. The repository is updated weekly and is extremely comprehensive. These reports are obtained within the districts of states.
Federal Nationwide Reports include:

  • embezzlement
  • anti-trust violations
  • Other federal offenses

Please note that federal courts often do not record personal identifying information.

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Sex Offender Registry Checks
Sex offender screening tool is designed for employment screening of professionals and others needing to verify whether or not the search subject is a registered sex offender. 

Photos are included as are non-traditional sources such as arrest and booking mug shots.

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International Criminal History Record
International Criminal History research is conducted using the best available source of information in a given country.

Research Process varies among countries:

  • Research is conducted either directly with public officials or by utilizing agents in the country being searched.
  • Some information is strictly from a database, because jurisdiction does not allow information to be released to the public because of strict regulation of the country.
  • Searches are usually limited to felonies or serious matters in the court of jurisdiction nearest to the subject’s residence.

Available and prices are subject to change without notice.

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Multi-Level Nationwide Search
Multi-level Nationwide search is a powerful, high-speed multi-jurisdictional search of our proprietary databases compiled from multiple sources.

Multiple sources consist of:

  • court records
  • incarceration records
  • prison/inmate records
  • probation/parole/release information
  • arrest data
  • wants
  • warrants
  • other proprietary sources

Multi-level nationwide search can identify more photos including those found in non-traditional sources such as arrest and booking mug shots    

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Quantum Criminal Monitoring
Quantum Criminal Monitoring is a highly advanced monitoring solution for pre and post-hire employees. This monitoring system will monitor contractors on a monthly basis for twelve months to decrease your liability.

Key features of the Quantum Criminal Monitoring System include:

  • Alerts sent to the user about new and updated criminal record information as well as changes to the pre-existing records
  • Proactive identification of risks that may give rise to negligent retention claims, workplace violence, shrinkage, and negative publicity
  • A proprietary blend of basic Social Security Number (SSN) searches, federal criminal records, sex offender registries, terrorist watch lists, arrest and booking mug shots (where available), historical multi-level nationwide criminal history records, U.S. Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Specially Designated Nations (SDN)

The average turnaround time for the Quantum Screening Monitoring reports are up to 24 hours.

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Credit Reports
Credit Reports are derived from access to over 200 million consumer and business credit files in the U.S. and Canada.

K-LAK Corporation specializes in verifying credit history, education, employment, consumer references, residential history, and much more.

Social Security Search
Social Security Search services adhere to the highest standards of security. K-LAK Corporation’s search solution meets the 128 bit encryption secured site standard required in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Safeguards Act.

K-LAK authorizes our clients to have access to K-LAK’s web solution with an ID and Password. Our technology is based on a friendly point and click system.

K-LAK Corporation’s web solution is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Address Search
Address Search program allows inputs from one to several addresses on an inquiry, from any area of the country, and from one to 30 years of search history for an individual. 

The Address Search process has certain features.

    • All addresses will be used in most searches. 
    • If the applicant is self-employed and the business address is different from the home address, the business address is used as an additional previous address. 
    • The inquiry format only accepts one address as current. 
    • When an applicant provides two current addresses, follow the priority list (asked your K-LAK Representative for the list) as an input guide.

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Present Employment
Present Employment reports verify an applicant’s employment and position with the current employer.

NOTE: The applicant’s reported work number and a handful of small employment databases account for a minority (approximately 20%) of all employment verifications. The majority of the remaining searches are conducted manually through direct contact with representatives of the current employer who have access to personnel files.
Previous Employment
Previous Employment reports verify an applicant’s previous employment and position. Simple verification to in-depth interview reports are available. K-LAK Corporation can also use customize questions provided by the client.

NOTE: The applicant’s reported work number and a handful of small employment databases account for a minority (approximately 20%) of all employment verifications. The majority of the remaining searches are conducted manually through direct contact with representatives of the current employer who have access to personnel files.

Professional Reference
Professional Reference reports entail direct contact by K-LAK Corporation representatives to the employer. We speak directly to the overseeing manager of that particular individual who worked at that company in the past, or currently holds their position there. We inquire about the individual’s personal character, punctuality, duration with the company, and if the manager was satisfied with the work performance.

Professional License
Professional License research verifies the validity of licenses held by professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, accountants, or any occupation that requires licensed credentials to perform a specified position.

Educational Documents
Educational Document reports are extremely important in employment positions that have degree prerequisites. This report verifies the college or university attended and type and timing of degree granted. High school education or GED verification is also available.

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Motor Vehicle Records
Motor Vehicle Record reports are an important tool for any company employing individuals who drive company vehicles or operate their own vehicles on company business. K-LAK Corporation provides a complete report identifying driving violations. The reports include auto license and , Commercial Drivers License (CDL) information.

Drug Screening Tests
Drug Screening Test reports are an essential part of risk management for companies that hire and retain employees. K-LAK Corporation has an excellent relationship with a national drug-screening laboratory, and can arrange for drug screening services in your geographical area.
K-LAK Corporation also offers a paper and pencil, validated test to determine an individual applicant’s potential for drug use.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug Screening Tests
K-LAK Corporation offers a comprehendible drug and alcohol testing and random drug testing under DOT drug testing regulation (49 CFR Part 40).

Non-DOT Drug Screening Tests
K-LAK Corporation offers a comprehendible drug and alcohol testing and random drug testing. This customized service is provided to clients in addition to DOT Drug Screening tests.

Hair Sample Analysis
Hair Sample Analysis is a standard type of drug testing in which hair samples are the primary source of drug detection. Typically, hair sample testing leads to more accurate results about long-term drug usage than other means of testing.
Oral Fluid Screening Tests   
Oral Fluid Screening Tests are a standard type of drug testing in which oral fluids from the mouth are swabbed for the detection of drug use. The results of oral fluid screening detect recent drug usage up to several days.

Medical Review Officer (MRO) Consultants
K-LAK Corporations works directly with a Medical Review Officer (MRO) to assess that all drug-screening reports are verified and to certify any false positive results.

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Fingerprinting Identification Services
Fingerprinting Identification Services is one of the most positive ways to indentify an individual. K-LAK Corporations partners with State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) to provide this service to clients. 

Fingerprint evidence can be used for arrest and convictions in criminal violations.  Some industries require that an applicant is fingerprinted prior to accepting employment, including:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Children Day Cares
  • Hospitals
  • Government
  • State jobs

Fingerprinting service turn-around time can be up to 5 days.  More rapid results (from instantaneous or from 24 to 72 hours) are available with the use of a electronic printer.
Employment Investigation

K-LAK Corporation provides Employment Investigation services that include monitoring to business computers and software for suspicious employee computer activity.

Contact a K-LAK Corporation representative to discuss a full range of screening services.

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National Practitioner Data Bank
National Practitioner Data Bank analysis allows for medical screening to reduce the employer risk in the health care settings. K-LAK Corporation is able to verify a practitioner’s credentials and identify sanctions against a practitioner.

The innovative sanctions database examines multiple state and federal sources to identify individuals that might have had a history of disciplinary actions against them.

K-LAK Corporation collaborates with individuals that are authorized by the Drug Enforcement Administration to perform inspections to verify a practitioner’s credentials. We will also examine the state license and validate the registration status of such individuals and verify that all information is the most updated from the National Provider Identifier registry.

Office Inspector General (OIC) Database Searches
OIC Database searches assist users in their compliance efforts with the USA Patriot Act.  This includes a multitude of databases covering U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists as provided by U.S. and foreign government and international organizations.

The K-LAK Corporation Solution for compliance searches is known as “Body Guard.” It is commonly known as the government watch list and uses unique, proprietary similarity and probability scoring methodologies that easily overcomes obstacles such as misspelling and punctuation, transposition and outright applicant fraud.

Worker’s Compensation Report
Worker’s Compensation Report is very useful in properly channeling work assignments for unskilled/semi-skilled labor.  K-LAK Corporation uses this report successfully to identify the career, multi-claim applicant.  Under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), this report is only to be requested after an applicant has been offered employment. 

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Business Profile Report
K-LAK Corporation offer a Business Profile Report that is the most robust and comprehensive type of business evaluation.  The Business Credit Report presents a current and objective picture of how a business handles its financial obligations, including detailed trade lines and background information that is critical in assessing the credit worthiness of a business. 

Federal Business Bankruptcy Report
K-LAK Corporation offers a Federal Business Bankruptcy report that is a Federal report listing businesses that have filed bankruptcy including:

  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 13 

Depending on which Chapter is filed; a Business can liquidate all of their assets or create a repayment plan to pay their debt.
Federal Business Civil Report
K-LAK Corporation offers a comprehensive Federal Business Civil Record report. Records are not based on a nationwide search, but are recorded at each Federal district level. The Federal Business Civil Record must be searched per Federal District by name or case number.  The Federal Civil search is the district level for civil cases filed in the United States District Court.  The file contains civil docket summaries from 48 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Contact a K-LAK Corporation representative to discuss a full range of business screening services.

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K-LAK Corporation understands that clients need to make the most informed screening decisions, and that property managers and owners must choose from different screening providers.

We use rental payment data and credit report information in the screening process to deliver the most accurate prediction of an applicant’s likelihood to default on a rental lease agreement. The credit reporting data includes information on past payment behavior from an applicant’s credit obligations, such as credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages.
Credit Reporting Services
K-LAK Corporation knows that a credit search on any applicant can go back as far as when the applicant first established credit and works with clients to ensure that the most accurate assessment is available for a tenants credit history.

Derogatory credit will stay on the credit file for approximately 7 years. State liens will stay on the credit file until it is paid in full. Bankruptcies will stay on the credit file between 7 and 10 years depending on chapter filed type. Our experience in working with credit reporting agencies ensures that our clients know about their credit history and how to correct errors.

Eviction Reports
K-LAK Corporation can assist landlords with determining whether an applicant has been evicted from a prior rental property. We provide access to credit reports modified to only release eviction court data.  If the applicant was evicted from a rental property or commercial property by the landlord or property owner the User can obtain this information often instantly or within 48 hours.

Eviction and Criminal Checks
Eviction and Criminal Checks are a combined searches that include landlord/tenant court eviction and a criminal background checks. 

Please be advised that K-LAK Corporation is a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant company, therefore Background Data will not provide any data deemed a non-conviction record older than 7-years.

Landlord Verification
Court Services
K-LAK Corporation provides property management services. If a tenant fails to remit payment by the end of the month, we will assist the owner in filing the necessary court documents with the appropriate court.

If a tenant owes money for rent or damages and vacates a property that K-LAK Corporation manages, K-LAK Corporation will file a debt action on behalf of the owner for money due from the tenant.

Bankruptcy Report
K-LAK Corporation provides landlords Bankruptcy reports offered on a national level throughout the United States at the Federal Bankruptcy Court where Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 bankruptcies are filed.

Typical bankruptcy case information yielded includes:

  • debtor name
  • filing type
  • status of case
  • Creditor information is often provided as well

Some states have more than one bankruptcy court and K-LAK Corporation works with the courts and the landlord to obtain all information available about a tenant applicant’s bankruptcy status.

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K-LAK Corporation offers a Collections Service to property landlords. A collection account or paid collection account will remain on the file for a mandatory time of 7 years as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

The debtor will be instructed to make all payments payable to K-LAK Corporation. Under standard collection the percentage rate depends on the age of the account. Phone calls and letters will be made and sent to the debtors. There is no percentage charge for accounts that are not collected.  Delinquent notification letters are sent to the debtor and all payments are made payable to the client. No phone calls are made under this option.

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K-LAK Corporation verifies information about the consumer of interest by providing information on:

  • the consumer’s name and alia names
  • address
  • social security number
  • spouse name
  • year of birth
  • family generation title.

The Consumer Report also specifies whether the data was reported to the three main credit bureaus through a monthly reporting tape, inquiry, or manually through the maintenance process.

An information inquiry may indicate possible fraud if it conflicts with the data on the file for the consumer.

The Consumer Report includes:

  • Consumer identification information
  • additional address information
  • employer information
  • tradeline and inquiry information
  • public record information
  • subscriber address information
  • additional options (demographics, FACS+, and risk models)

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K-LAK Corporation provides consulting services to clients that include:

  • property management
  • property investment
  • criminal background checks
  • assistance with government programs such as Software Asset Management (SAM) and 8a disadvantaged business filing
  • landlord and tenant screening
  • financial records such as Quick Books and MS Money

K-LAK Corporation conducts a needs assessment with an initial meeting and a final analysis can take from 2-4 days. K-LAK Corporation does not work on a contract. We give the client an estimated completion date to implant the proposed needs. If at any time the client is not satisfied, the client may terminate our services within one week with a written notice.
Contact a K-LAK Representative for more information about our various consulting services.

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Flood Certifications
K-LAK Corporation provides clients with Flood Zone Determinations (FZD) assessments. These assessments are based on an examination of the current and available Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) data as published by or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). We also use additional data and information, as FZD deems pertinent and practical as well as the subject property information provided by the User. 

FZD shall assess and certify the property to be in the most hazardous zone (Dual Zone Status) in the event that the information provided by the User does not allow FZD to conclusively assess the improvements to the subject property to be in a single flood zone.   The designation of Dual Zone Status shall be indicated on applicable Certifications. 

K-LAK Corporation provides  FZD reports with a turn-around time of between 24 to 72 hours.

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Income Tax Verification
K-LAK Corporation offers Income Tax Verification services to our clients. Income tax verification service provides the user with tax return information retained in the files of the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Completely automated transcripts are available from the IRS, either with or without a copy of the 1040 form.

Individuals must authorize the release of this information in exchange for employment or credit extension or a similar consideration.


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