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Summary of Your Rights Continued...

The FCRA gives several different federal agencies authority to enforce the FCRA:

For Questions or Concerns Regarding Please Contact
CRAs, creditors and others not listed below Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Response Center - FCRA
Washington, DC  20580 * 202-236-3761
National banks, federal branches/agencies of foreign banks (word “National” or initials “N.A” appear in or after bank’s name) Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Compliance Management, Mail Stop 6-6
Washington, DC  20219 * 800-613-6743
Federal Reserve System member banks (except national banks, and federal branches/agencies of foreign banks) Federal Reserve Board
Division of Consumer & Community Affairs
Washington, DC  20551 * 202-452-3693
Savings associations and federally chartered savings banks (word “Federal” or initials “F.S.B” appear in federal institution’s names) Office of Thrift Supervision
Consumer Programs
Washington, DC  20552 * 800/842-6929
Federal credit unions (words “Federal Credit Union” appear in institution’s name) National Credit Union Administration
1775 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA  22314 * 703-518-6360
State-chartered banks that are not members of the Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Division of Compliance & Consumer Affairs
Washington, DC  20429 * 800-934-FDIC

Air, surface, or rail common carriers regulated by former Civil Aeronautics Board or Interstate Commerce Commission Department of Transportation
Office of Financial Management
Washington, DC  20590 * 202-366-1306
Activities subject to the Packers and Stockyards Act, 1921

Department of Agriculture
Office of Deputy Administrator - GIPSA
Washington, DC  20250 * 202-720-7051