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More Details about K-LAK Corporation’s Invoice Management Services

Needs Assessment – K-LAK Corporation work with senior executives of a prospective client to  explain how we will achieve results by reducing the company's outstanding invoices. K-LAK Corporation makes an analysis of the existing process at our own expense contingent on presenting our finding to the final decision makers.

The analysis may vary from 2 to 4 days, depending on size and complexity of your operation. When we complete the analysis we will make a presentation to management on our finding which will include:

  • Documentation displaying areas or sites for invoice management improvement
  • Approximate time to complete the project
  • Identifiable results at various stage of process
  • A print-out of the reduction effort and potential cost savings

Action Plan – To identify, analyze and gain control of any outstanding invoices that have not been paid for 31 days or more. We will work with your employees to show them how to best manage this process.

All of the proposals presented are governed by the policies within the organization. K-LAK Corporation is responsible for designing a program with the client's management and employees and implementing an invoice management process.

K-LAK Corporation does not work on a contract. We give the client an estimated completion date to implement the program. If the client is not satisfied, the client may terminate our services within one week's written notice.

Follow-up Client Relationship – Our relationship does not end when the program is complete. As part of our program, K-LAK Corporation will return and call periodically to ensure that the process is still delivering the desired results. We also will make additional comments or suggestions to further improve the process as needed.