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Health Care

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National Practitioner Data Bank

National Practitioner Data Bank analysis allows for medical screening to reduce the employer risk in the health care settings. K-LAK Corporation is able to verify a practitioner’s credentials and identify sanctions against a practitioner.

The innovative sanctions database examines multiple state and federal sources to identify individuals that might have had a history of disciplinary actions against them.

K-LAK Corporation collaborates with individuals that are authorized by the Drug Enforcement Administration to perform inspections to verify a practitioner’s credentials. We will also examine the state license and validate the registration status of such individuals and verify that all information is the most updated from the National Provider Identifier registry.

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Office Inspector General (OIC) Database Searches

OIC Database searches assist users in their compliance efforts with the USA Patriot Act.  This includes a multitude of databases covering U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists as provided by U.S. and foreign government and international organizations.

The K-LAK Corporation Solution for compliance searches is known as “Body Guard.” It is commonly known as the government watch list and uses unique, proprietary similarity and probability scoring methodologies that easily overcomes obstacles such as misspelling and punctuation, transposition and outright applicant fraud.

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Worker’s Compensation Report

Worker’s Compensation Report is very useful in properly channeling work assignments for unskilled/semi-skilled labor.  K-LAK Corporation uses this report successfully to identify the career, multi-claim applicant.  Under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), this report is only to be requested after an applicant has been offered employment. 

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