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Criminal Searches

For additional reports, contact your K-LAK Representative

County Services

County criminal reports identify felonies and misdemeanors for individuals being searched. The information is obtained in person at both superior and common plea courts.

County Criminal Reports include:

  • incarceration records
  • convictions and arrests
  • warrants
  • pending cases maintained by the court

If an individual has been charged with a felony and the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, the reduced charge will be reported.

Additionally, misdemeanor records indexed in a felony search or housed in the same court will be provided at no additional charge.

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Statewide Search

Statewide Search reports provide criminal information on the state level, within the estate requested.

Process may vary among states, notably:

  • Some states do not require special forms
  • Certain states do require special forms and fingerprints to do a state search
  • Some states may not be available for information searches

Our Employment Screening specialist will assist you with any questions. The turnaround time for state criminal searches are from 2-8 weeks from the time requested and the return times can vary by state.

Contact a K-LAK Corporation representative about specific states.

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Federal Nationwide Search

Federal Nationwide Search reports will provide information on individual cases filed in the United States District Courts nationwide.

These cases are crimes that are committed on a federal level. The repository is updated weekly and is extremely comprehensive. These reports are obtained within the districts of states.

Federal Nationwide Reports include:

  • embezzlement
  • anti-trust violations
  • Other federal offenses

Please note that federal courts often do not record personal identifying information.

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Sex Offender Registry Checks

Sex offender screening tool is designed for employment screening of professionals and others needing to verify whether or not the search subject is a registered sex offender. 

Photos are included as are non-traditional sources such as arrest and booking mug shots.

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International Criminal History Record

International Criminal History research is conducted using the best available source of information in a given country.

Research Process varies among countries:

  • Research is conducted either directly with public officials or by utilizing agents in the country being searched.
  • Some information is strictly from a database, because jurisdiction does not allow information to be released to the public because of strict regulation of the country.
  • Searches are usually limited to felonies or serious matters in the court of jurisdiction nearest to the subject’s residence.

Available and prices are subject to change without notice.

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Multi-Level Nationwide Search

Multi-level Nationwide search is a powerful, high-speed multi-jurisdictional search of our proprietary databases compiled from multiple sources.

Multiple sources consist of:

  • court records
  • incarceration records
  • prison/inmate records
  • probation/parole/release information
  • arrest data
  • wants
  • warrants
  • other proprietary sources

Multi-level nationwide search can identify more photos including those found in non-traditional sources such as arrest and booking mug shots

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Quantum Criminal Monitoring

Quantum Criminal Monitoring is a highly advanced monitoring solution for pre and post-hire employees. This monitoring system will monitor contractors on a monthly basis for twelve months to decrease your liability.

Key features of the Quantum Criminal Monitoring System include:

  • Alerts sent to the user about new and updated criminal record information as well as changes to the pre-existing records
  • Proactive identification of risks that may give rise to negligent retention claims, workplace violence, shrinkage, and negative publicity
  • A proprietary blend of basic Social Security Number (SSN) searches, federal criminal records, sex offender registries, terrorist watch lists, arrest and booking mug shots (where available), historical multi-level nationwide criminal history records, U.S. Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Specially Designated Nations (SDN)

The average turnaround time for the Quantum Screening Monitoring reports are up to 24 hours.

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